Medical Tattooing

Nipple & Areola


It is important for a person to feel confident about his/her appearance. This applies not only to the face but also to the entire body. Whether it is due to bad cosmetic surgery, illness, or a birth defect, the nipple and areola can be adversely affected. With Medical tattooing, the nipple defect can be camouflaged with a similar colour as the areola. For women who have lost their breast due to complete or partial mastectomy, the nipple & areola can be reconstructed with "3D-dimensional" nipple. This treatment is also suitable for women and men who are simply unhappy with their areolas, either because they are too small, lacking in colour, or are simply too big. All these imperfections can be corrected.

Cleft lip pigmentation Cleft lip


It is a split or a gap on the upper lip (palate) and is a congenital disorder. The affected area is in the upper lip but can also affect the shape of the nostril. During pregnancy, foetal development fails to close the palate area properly causing the cleft lip. This imperfection can be treated and corrected with PMU treatments, restoring the look that you are looking for.

Scalp / Skin Pigmentation Scalp pigmentation


It is a recommended treatment for those who have had a hair transplant and need to blend in the bold batches with their hair. For men and women who have bold patches as a result of burns or other accidents, it is possible to tattoo individual hairs to create an impression of having fuller hair. Other treatments which can be used to improve the appearance caused by a lack of hair due to scaring, accidents, or surgical operations include beard & moustaches pigmentation

Scar reduction 


People have scars for many different reasons. This can be due to accidents, birth disorders, operations, burns, etc. Scars affect the general look of the visible or even hidden places of the body. With PMU, we can camouflage the skin by trying to match the skin colour with an appropriate pigment. With skin needling, we can smooth the texture of a scar by stimulation the skin`s collagen and elastin production. Creating a controlled trauma to the skin with a skin needling procedure can improve the healing process by reducing scars in size and improving skin texture.

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