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Eyebrows are the most important feature of your face. They provide expressions to the face and give symmetry to your eyes. Hair stroke brows (also known as hair-by-hair method) is a new technique in PMU to create a more subtle effect resulting in a more natural look. If a stronger eyebrow look is preferred, powdered eyebrow (also known as pencil effect or solid brow) would be the recommended treatment. Choosing either the hair stroke brow or the powdered brow treatment will avoid the need to use pencils or normal make-up for your eyebrows every day.



People say the eyes are the window to your soul, so it is important to construct a well shaped contour for your eyes. This treatment is suitable for those who don`t have the skill or time to apply daily make-up, and also for those who have lost their eyelashes for medical reasons. Eyeliner PMU treatments are the most effective way to beautify the eyes. Eyelash enhancement is suitable for those who prefer a fuller lashes look. Various colours are available to match your individual eye tone. Using eyeliner PMU will enhance and define your eyes top and/or bottom by imitating an eye pencil look.



Lips are the central feature of the face. A smile or word will produce a lasting impression on the people you meet. Women have always practiced make-up techniques to show their lips at their best. Lip liner will define your lip shape and give balance and symmetry to your lips. Choose the lip blush to create a fuller effect, or the full lip colour PMU treatment just to give a more vibrant colour. All PMU lip treatments are suitable for anyone who wants to outline the natural shape of their lips, to correct miss-aligned lips, to provide lips with a fuller look, or to improve and correct a lip medical condition.

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