Liposculpture is an advanced cosmetic surgery procedure that is favoured by many plastic surgeons for body contouring. Fat will be removed and in some cases reshaped to enhance the prominence and definition of certain muscles and body contours such as the stomach, buttocks chin, neck, upper thighs, back and upper arms.


The incisions made for liposculpture are very small so this procedure leaves minimal scarring, Excess fat deposits are extracted through the tube leaving smoother contours to the body and profile.


At New Look Cosmetic Surgery we are proud to ensure our patients are fully informed and we help to make researched decisions by offering our patients thorough consultations and honest professional advice where no detail is omitted.


Liposculpture treatment can result not only in physical improvement, it can also improve psychological well-being with a boost to self-confidence and self-image.


During a consultation with our surgeons, your suitability as a candidate for traditional liposuction or vaser liposculture surgery will be discussed together with your expectations and objectives, where the incisions are made, the length of surgery time, the recovery time and healing process.




Operation Time: 1 -2 hour depends from area to be treated


Anesthesia: General or local


Nights in hospital: Day case or overnight stay


Common Risks: You surgeon will provide a consent form and he will discuss with you all risks during the consultation


Follow-up after surgery: 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 months and anytime you request


Time off: 1 – 2 weeks Sports 6 weeks fast walking or running (garment required) 8 weeks everything


Result: You will be able to appreciate the results immediately after the procedure. The final result can be appreciated 6 months after surgery has taken place.

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